GWBSM 2023 international workshop


Gravitational Wave Probes of Physics Beyond Standard Model (GWBSM) 2023 international workshop was held in 6-9 November 2023 at Osaka Metropolitan University.

There were 68 participants from abroad, and over four days they discussed new possibilities in particle physics brought about by gravitational wave observations.

The workshop consists of 9 sessions with 2 keynotes, 14 invited talks, 5 posters.
Each session forcused on Phase Transition, Inflation(two sessions), Primordial Blackhole, Astrophysics, Laser Interferometric GW detectors, Pulsar TIming Arrays, Beyond Standard Model/Dark Matter and Topological Defect.
In addition to, 3 Panel discussions for the summary of each day.
We had poster lightning preview talks and free discussion time also.



Detail of program and viewgraphs are available in the workshop web page.

Report on OMU News is available. Please see web pabe of URL below.