Institute History

Nambu Yoichiro Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (NITEP), Osaka Metropolitan University

Founded on

November 1, 2018(Thu)


OCU is known to be the only university in Japan where Yoichiro Nambu taught as professor before he left for US. Since then, our physics department has been recognized as a first-rate research institute in physics till today, emphasizing free spirit and imagination fostered by the group led by Professor Nambu in early fifties. In 2013, OCU awarded Professor Nambu a Special Emeritus Professor for his Novel prize in Physics in 2008. In 2018, the President Tetsuo Arakawa decided to open a new research institute in physics on our campus crowned under Nambu to promote our activities and foster human resources further, aiming at the formation of an international center where scientists both from abroad and inside Japan gather regularly. International presence of our university has thus been strengthened.

Concepts and Objectives

Following the spirit of Professor Nambu closely, the Institute puts forward the notion of “Be Borderless” in all fields in theoretical and experimental physics where we already have active scientists around as members of physics department. We seek for collaborations and accomplishments unique for the research institution of this size, which is quite scarce in Japan.

Main Theme

“Quest of Universality and Emergence in Physics led by Broken Symmetry” as symbolized by Professor Nambu’s Novel Prize in 2008. We promote this notion further which lays down particle and nuclear physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics both in theory and experiment.

Ongoing Enterprise

  • several frontier research programs by the affiliation with international and domestic institutions,
  • promotion of young scientists needed for the future breakthrough,
  • hosting of international conference, symposium, workshop and public lectures,
  • and others.